September 10, 2019

First Two Weeks in Togo Africa

How do I describe our first two weeks in Togo?

Torrential afternoon rain on tin roofs

Laughter at cards after dinner

Tears over the baby we couldn’t save

100% humidity

Lots of lizards

Great food (no fresh caught-rat though)

This was not served to missionaries
Fresh Escargot

Fellowship with other missionaries

Fellowship with Togolese staff

On call every other day

Lots of friends on the construction crew

Koudjo & Jim

Lots of sweat

Unloading shipping containers

More sweat

Women’s colorful dresses, men with matching bright shirts and pants

More sweat

Wishing I’d learned more French

Togolese church service with infant dedication and new member recognition

More sweat

Lots of sun

Overcrowded hospital with rudimentary supplies and no air conditioning

Lots of children with malaria

"I’m on call today so I had rounds at 7AM and could not go to the local church service but tonight we will have our worship service here after dinner. We’re listening to a series on “Mind the Gap” via broadcast from the full time missionary’s sending church. It’s a good study in 1 Thessalonians on how we should act during this “gap” between Christ’s first coming and the Rapture. It really ties in with the study Jeremy did on Romans 1 and 2.

I’m also on call tomorrow because the other short-termer is leaving today. After this I should only be on every other day.

Fortunately there are not many patients in the hospital. And I’m getting time to study, just like in Residency. After rounds this morning I pulled out one of the Pediatrics textbooks to read up on seizures in kids. Now I’m reviewing “Tropical Rashes.”

I’ve begun making friends with one of the other pet monkeys here, Cozzette. She is not cuddly, yet, but gently takes food from my hand and is interested in my watch.

The afternoon rain didn’t come yet. The rain cools things off to the mid-80s. The local folks are wearing jackets and sweaters because it’s so cold. I don’t think I would do well during the dry season here."  -Roxanne

"I've been working on the cuisines which is French for kitchens.  They are single room units for the families of hospital patients to stay in and cook.  The family cooks for the patient and takes care of all their needs other than medical, no chance to complain about hospital food. Just like in the Dominican, the old cuisines are in a low area that floods in the rainy season." -Jim

Please continue to pray for strength for both of us as well as health. Also for the long term missionaries and their families and that the hearts of the Togolese patients would be receptive to the Gospel.

-Roxanne and Jim

August 29, 2019

Mission Update and prayer requests from Togo

This is a map of Togo and the full time missionaries

Roxanne enjoying cuddle time with Jarvis after finishing rounds at the clinic

The first bathroom stop in route from Lomé to Tsiko, the have an real bathroom now and can flush the toilet paper

Termite mound by the missionary housing, it taller than Jim!

Jim working with some of the guys

Word is the scorpions will be seen more often as they are in rainy season now, there are 7 types of venomous snakes in the area, the compound walls keep most of them outside

Their premie born at 29 weeks gestation, Day of Life 28.  He is tolerating breast milk via NG and his weight is up to 1.01 kg.  Please pray for this little guy and his family.

56 year old gentleman with a chronic non-healing leg ulcer, his only option may be an Above Knee Amputation. Please pray for healing and wisdom for all the doctors.

Please keep Jim, Roxanne, and those they are serving with in prayer for wisdom, open hearts to demonstrate and pour out God's love, safety, and rest.

August 24, 2019

Another Mission

Our mission team continues to grow and experience new areas to serve.
Jim and Roxanne are headed for Togo, West Africa to spend 5 weeks helping at:

Hôpital Baptiste Biblique

Please pray that they be the hands and feet of Jesus and are able to bring the light of the gospel to many.

August 3, 2019

Mission Team Meeting

It's that time of year folks, we are having our first team meeting for the 2020 mission!

Time: 7:30 AM
Place: Grace Bible Church room 17

Coffee will be available, sorry no Red Bull though.

Just a reminder of why we do this: