July 6, 2019

Informational Short Term Missions Meeting

You might have some questions like these about short term missions:

-Who goes on these missions?
-Are they Biblical?
-Why not just send the money?
-Are large bugs involved?
-Do I need a passport?
-I don’t know any foreign languages, so I’m out..right?
-How are these different from vacations? (Ask Kitri)
-Is a pith helmet required?
-How old (or young) do I have to be?
-I’m not so hot on travel, so I needn’t get involved, right?
-Where do I sign up?

We will have an informational meeting at 10:45 AM (just after church, coffee and doughnuts) on July 28.

Loving Others by Serving

May 2, 2019

A Few More Glimpses of Ukraine

This is one of the churches in the village of Ostap’je. A beautiful building in a village of people struggling to survive. Most the folks I talked with have no idea where they are going when they die. How sad.

This was built during the Soviet occupation as an upscale restaurant for Soviet officials.
When the Ukrainians won their freedom, the Soviets stripped everything from the building, appliances, wiring, and any other useful items leaving a hulk of a building for the villagers.
This is where our host, Open Door Foundation, and mission team used as the dental clinic on the first floor and our dining area on the second floor.

Our bus driver.

Loving Others by Serving

April 23, 2019

Mission to Ukraine

In March Jim and I had the opportunity to join a medical mission team with Global Health Outreach, a division of Christian Medical and Dental Associations, and go to Ukraine.
We served in the village of Ostapie in the western part of Ukraine:

Part of the mission involved visits to the orphanage supported by Open Door Foundation, our in-country host:

Loving Others by Serving

April 21, 2019

GHO Ukraine 2019

What an awesome God we serve, He has blessed us each with opportunities to show His love to others, this video is a brief testimony of that.  Tomorrow we will share a couple of pictures of Jim and Roxanne's trip to the Ukraine.

Loving Others by Serving

April 14, 2019


Hey Team!
How are things going now that we’ve been back a little over 2 months? Re-entry may be something that you’ve put in the back of your mind as our lives have become busy with the “normal stuff” of being home. But reverse culture shock is a real and ongoing thing.
Here are some suggestions to help:

  • Review your journal if you kept one.  If not, try journaling now about your mission experiences in the context as it is now.
  • Look at photos from the DR.  Some are posted here on the blog and Deb or I will be glad to send out more.
  • Pray about participating in the 2020 mission. Dates are January 17-26.  If you need ideas for fundraising let us know.  We don't know what the cost will be but plan on it being a bit higher than it has been.  Airfares, fees, etc are probably only going to go up.
  • Keep in contact with your prayer partner!
Loving Others by Serving